To Be Woman

<i>To Be Woman</i>

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to me to be a woman. Right now. With everything coming to the surface with the #metoomovement.


This is the culmination of years upon years of the suppression of the feminine. May we all rise!

We as women are reclaiming our bodies. We are reclaiming our right to feel however it is the that we feel, whether that be rage, anger, pain. We are reclaiming our right to shout how we feel from the rooftops.

I wrote this poem for myself about my own healing journey, about what it is to come home to my own skin, my own flesh, my own self. My hope is that it resonates with all women, that we can heal together so that we may heal the whole.



You offer your heart to the world

cupped in your hands

and let it be torn to shreds

until you are nothing but strips

of white cotton

dancing in the breeze


You sew yourself back together

with spider’s silk

your scars like a map stretched over your skin

whole continents of wounding

with pink edges

raw and ragged


You make a salve

from harvested dreams

smear yourself in un-tilled earth

beneath the gilded face

of the sinking moon

You drink diamond dew drops

to quench your parched and swollen tongue


In the end

it is your bones

that create the shape of you


Stand naked in the night

and know that is enough


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