Inside My Zero Waste Kit – How I Avoid Plastic On the Go

<i>Inside My Zero Waste Kit – How I Avoid Plastic On the Go</i>

– Earth Day! – 


This Saturday the 21st is Earth Day! To me, every day is Earth Day, but Saturday is devoted especially to celebrating our beautiful Earth. 


This year, it’s dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution, which, as you know, is a topic near and dear to my heart! 


I really believe the responsibility falls on us as the consumers to be mindful of how our plastic consumption is harming the environment. Not to say political activism in this area shouldn’t be pursued! I just don’t want to wait around for the government to get their act together before I make changes in my own life.  


That’s why I want to show you exactly what I have inside my Zero Waste Kit because it helps me avoid single use items every day. This is what I carry with me everywhere so that I can assure I don’t create unnecessary and avoidable waste while I’m out and about. 


The premise is really quite simple – be prepared. This kit is designed to anticipate what types of waste could be created and offers a sustainable, reusable alternative. 


It is so easy to create waste in our society without even realizing it! I think part of the problem is that we don’t often think about or understand the mass consequence of these single use items. After all, you use just one straw, or fork or coffee cup at a time. You’re just one person, so it can’t matter that much, can it?

It does matter! These items are wreaking havoc on the resources of the planet, and polluting the oceans, rivers and countryside. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing trash haphazardly lying on the ground, even in the most remote places. 


This kit poses an alternative to these problems. 


– My zero waste Kit – 


First, I will list the single use item, then I will list the alternative I have in my kit. 


To go cups – 

Instead of the single use version, I have a glass mason jar cup that cost me 50¢ at Goodwill! 





Plastic straw – 

Instead, I have a lovely stainless steel straw that even comes with its own cleaning brush. 


Plastic ware – 

Alternatively, I have a beautiful bamboo utensil and chopstick set that is lightweight, functional and will last forever. It even comes in this handy little carrying case made out of recycled plastic so that it stays nice and organized in my bag. The stainless steel straw even fits down in there perfectly!





To-go containers – 

I have this sleek stainless steel dual layer nesting container that I bring to restaurants with me to take home my leftovers, or even substitute as a bowl/plate in some cases. It is so handy! 





I also have been experimenting with bringing my own containers to get takeout. It works beautifully as long as you’re willing to wait. But the beauty of that is I can refuse items like soy sauce packets, extra chopsticks, plastic ware, napkins etc. that would otherwise be thrown in the bag along with the food. 


Plastic bag – 

I carry my Berlin tote bag with me everywhere instead. Not only does it remind me of when I was living in Germany, which makes me really happy, but it can be used instead of a plastic bag in clothing stores, the book store (this is a big one for me), if I need a couple things at the grocery store, or in whatever other capacity a bag might be needed. 
















Fun anecdote – The pin affixed to the bag was the slogan and symbol of an anti nuclear movement happening in the region of Germany where I was living. It means “atomic energy, no thank you!” I still remember partaking in the huge demonstrations that happened there against the atomic waste transports that were being stored in a village close to where I lived. I’m happy to report that Germany is in the process of phasing out their atomic energy and the transports have now stopped! 


Paper napkins – 

I carry a cloth napkin with me everywhere. Not only does it double as a towel in public restrooms, but I can wrap muffins or other food items in it in a pinch – as well as using it as a normal napkin of course.






So that’s pretty much it! Very convenient and actually a lot of fun! It isn’t heavy or bulky and fits in my medium sized purse without any trouble. With these items I avoid consuming plastic and single use items every day. 


And you can too!


All of these items are for sale from The Refill Revolution* in Boulder.  She also has an online store if you don’t live close by. The only things in my kit not purchased from The Refill Revolution are my mason jar mug – which I got at Goodwill, my cloth napkin which I already had, and my Berlin tote, which I got a long time ago in Berlin. 


It is always best to use what you have first. Then to buy from a local second hand store. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, buying from an eco-friendly brand is the next best option! That’s why I purchased most of my kit from The Refill Revolution. 


If you’re interested in purchasing these items from her here are the links. For you locals she is situated just off of Arapahoe and 28th St. 

*Please note these are affiliate links, but I promise I don’t promote any products I don’t use myself! 


Stainless Steele straw – $3.50

Bamboo Utensil Set – $9

Stainless Steel Nesting Container – $12






What do you think of my zero waste kit? Would you be interested in carrying something similar to mitigate single use items? Do you have any questions? Tell me in the comments below to get the conversation started!


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Zero waste ice cream with the hubby this past weekend. 




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