Hi, I’m Madeline. Thank you for visiting my blog! This is a picture of me and my dog, Lily.

I write about my lifestyle of zero waste and sustainability as a means of connecting more deeply to the earth and to myself.  

I also identify as a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath and write about my intense experience of my inner and outer worlds. 

I want to take back the power in sensitivity and to share with others the benefits of embracing vulnerability and compassion. Compassion for self, compassion for all living things.

This isn’t just a blog, it’s a spiritual journey, an exploration into a lifestyle of mindfulness and simplicity that has changed my life.

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Simple Sustainability 

Are you feeling helpless against Climate Change? Do you feel like there is nothing you personally can do against something so huge and seemingly insurmountable? Is the overwhelm of our fast paced society leaving you feeling out of balance and empty?

I felt that way too! I started to wake up to all the environmental destruction which is the consequence of our lifestyle of modern convenience. I read about huge swaths of forest being clear cut, the mass extinction of many species of animals, plastic being dumped by the ton into the ocean every second and the carbon dioxide spewing into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.

I realized that in destroying our environment, we are destroying ourselves. And yet I felt so powerless!

What could I, just one person, do against the entire structure of the contemporary world?



But then I started to reduce my personal waste and explore how to embrace a zero waste lifestyle. I realized I had the power to remove myself from the systems that are harming the planet by reducing my plastic consumption and reducing my waste going to landfills. 

It felt like an act of love to the earth and has become a spiritual practice for me.

I recognized that if more and more people are able to reduce their waste it could have a lasting impact on climate change and pave our way to a better future.

I am finding such joy in going Back to Nature and aligning my life with the cycles of nature! In this blog, I hope to show you what I do on a daily basis to reduce my waste and dispel the myth that it is a difficult or expensive lifestyle. 

I want to explore what it is to be a deeply feeling person in a sometimes overwhelming and insane world and I want to help others learn how they, too, can come into alignment with themselves and with nature. Healing is possible if we all rise together. 

Maybe you will find something that resonates with you and we can join together to be part of a solution that will help build a cleaner, safer, kinder world. 


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